Government of Arch (plural, Archa)

The Government of Arch
Take the Oath of the Elluminous

The Government of Arch (GoA)
Take the Oath of the Elluminous.


What type of government is presented at this perspective. is it well argued or just... pieced together... Consider the topics on the other page,, and the other presented government accoring to new interpretation (an, an ark, antonym, synonyms of the word ARCH or anarch, etymology) as it is learned. Some of that might belong here. (

The natural temple, native; A place with meaning, why should I build the temple in this place? Explore the condition of the RULE environment vs unnatural or natural rule.

The terrain and zodiac cieling or pillars, light schema into the temple. Should it be like kufu, or the other teachings of the priests? How many symbolic heavens and the reasoning stated already in notes.

Clocks, the insertion of clocks and other related knowledge.

The pillars of I and E as talked about in audio notes and written notes. The crosses, T (belief), v over T (mass time), O over T (anka).

Somebody new comes around to say they RULE the world (, and builds world government! ( their might be something wrong with that, look how old the governments of men are! and what about geologic time?

Perspectives of what agency or education could be included. Perspectives of WGO (world government organization).

Sorting the Keys, how do these develop naturally?

As governor, learning the styles of government and interpretation in the territory, help me contribute to the area, and further, interpret how to manage as leader some assignment. The problem of rule is a condition to be managed we can now measure, or for an animnal to know or know nothing about, and still be able to move around.

The chapter of elluminati, introduces not just the natural rule, but a precise way to measure and with a new ruler, we learn to govern self or others, according to. Their are perspectives with additions to be made.

My perspective is that of energy condition for the county, and the perspectives of. I am discovering how to manage a condition of RULE made by machines, possibly another natural problem.

Note, design oath.

Natural rule

Government of America.

V over t... Reflection at Mass time.

The governance of a territory with learned interpretation of natural rule by comparison over time, and that protection of environmemt, arch (of construction) natural territory, and the habitation of life. That endowed The rule for the universe of mankind, I will interpret, live and lead, according to the works of our peoples and species, on the garden of earth and moon, and those natural planets men have yet to discover. So long as man is alive in this universe, I am. When I meet again the shades, through that valley of doubt I must cross, my light data (rule) reflected from my self and actions are with such service to earth, is released from my flesh onto the next, as this flesh I return to the creator as star, earth, moon, and rule, I am set free again to the oceans of eternity among stars and distance data on earth, to walk among the planetary Titans of season and rule once more. A hundred light years from earth, they will see me work again, and again, my actions and people accountable as oath is taken to that observation visible on Earth past or present; that to any reasonable distance of space from earth or moon is the energy of my flesh visible, the universe always knows as light my truth of action and oath, and that of others where argued; that I am not an empty cartoon (container) from the history of this world; I am always among my people and territories.

Passage from the book of Kings and afterlife.

Michael is the flesh I woke, of elluminati.

I was told by a woman I met, i should pray. On this thanksgiving 2019, Here it is:

When an animal is born, and learns to walk, they establish their domain and dominion among the lands and animals of a planet, and RULE their continuum data for as long as they live (self government). This is one perspective of ARCH government (a data problem); of earth with trillions more unique beliefs, we each see the planet around us in our own way; we each have a continuum of information from our bodies, as light, or radio we might see in the mirror, about our actions, that could survive thousands of years into space among the stars of abyss or heavens... Whether that reference to continuum, if it is self action and natural light or society and managing it, we each have our own rule from the skin, to manage among men and animals among that garden we call earth. By recognizing our own actions or resolving those of others, We can choose to serve, survive, or build our own rule, and should recognize that arch of rule that made our people successful on earth in our territory regions, that we can not deny. The natural rule is near every star and planet of the visible universe. Which is most important to you? The rule from your person is relative to what other RULE and requirement for action? How does the mind process that information? If I am in a place with the light or radio from the walls of the city, or the woods, or just myself and other animals... what is moral according to natural rule, for the process of mind and action that is managed according to what belief? Learn more about the Natural RULE at Consider the hiearchy of RULE. If i see myself in the mirror, my town or city in the mirror, and then the RULE of the natural lands also in the back ground, the moon, or the Sun, and everytghing else. Where is my RULE relative to the others, and how do i manage my self government perspective of my own rule, and accroding to what? We each argue about the same object, earth, below our feet, and what it has produced as each of us have perspective of that RULE of Stars, sun, earth (planets), and moon (the light we see from them, or the radio we measure). Choose the RULE closest to you, EARTH and the life it has. That is where my service is, the oath to protect environment and life. IF i lived on mars, i would serve the naturl rule of mars, and the sun, but might build to make own people successful... does it make sense? But know that the natural RULE of ancient earth and today, made my people.

Developing the arch of rule

Representation of knowledge earned by men regarding the rule.

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